In 2012-13, we commissioned an independent review of our dams, which found improvements are needed at a number of our dams to meet the Queensland Dam Safety Management Guidelines into the future.

Dam improvements are prioritised across the region in a staged program that is scoped and scheduled to maintain water supply security, while delivering best value for money.

Leslie Harrison Dam is one of a number of dams in South East Queensland to be upgraded within the next six years, as part of Seqwater's Dam Improvement Program.

Leslie Harrison Dam upgrade

In 2014-15, the water level at Leslie Harrison Dam was lowered and the gates were removed to reduce the water load on the dam. Detailed investigations were conducted to identify a preferred solution to address the dam improvements required and meet Queensland Dam Safety Management guidelines. 

Following detailed investigations, the decision has been made to upgrade Leslie Harrison Dam and maintain its current full supply level once work is complete.

The detailed design for the upgrade of Leslie Harrison Dam has now been completed. Construction is expected to begin in mid-2018 and will take around 12 months to complete, subject to weather. Features of the upgrade design include:

  • widening and strengthening of the dam wall
  • anchoring the spillway at the crest and the lower end 
  • improving resilience to extreme weather events and earthquakes
  • modifying the water intake tower to improve flood immunity.

The gates will not be returned to the spillway.

A number of tools have been developed to help you learn more about Leslie Harrison Dam, its history, how the dam operates and plans for the future. 

Leslie Harrison Dam Social Pinpoint Map

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Construction planning

Tender documents were released in February 2018 to start the process of appointing a contractor to construct the upgrade.

During construction, we expect between 40 and 80 trucks per day to bring materials to and from the site. Seqwater recently sought community feedback on proposed construction access routes for heavy vehicles, including trucks, for the Leslie Harrison Dam upgrade Community feedback identified four significant areas of concern:

  • The impact on traffic on major roads and local streets. 
  • The impact on residents living near construction access routes.
  • The impact on the environment, especially wildlife.
  • The impact on safety, particularly for pedestrians.

A fifth recurring concern was recreation on and around Leslie Harrison Dam, however feedback included comments both in favour of and opposed to the introduction of recreation.

You can read the full report on community feedback here.  

The next step in the decision making process is to meet with local council officers to discuss the approval requirements, proposed traffic routes and community concerns. A decision on preferred traffic routes and traffic management will be made in conjunction with Brisbane City Council and Redland City Council. 

Additional investigations will be made to inform these decisions. This is likely to include engineering works, environmental surveys and geotechnical (soil) surveys, and may be completed on all proposed routes.

We will provide regular updates to the community about progress with investigations, planning and decision making. Summaries of the environmental management and traffic management plans will be published on the project webpage and shared with residents near the access routes. 

The easiest way to stay informed of progress with planning and construction is to subscribe to email updates.

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